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it’s been suggested to me by somebody in my field who i trust from both a spiritual and business standpoint to separate all of my forms of social media completely if i’m going to eventually be drawing in a crowd with them. especially after already changing my blog (for more personal reasons at the time), i was definitely reluctant. but it does make a lot of sense - it will be easier to draw in said crowd if i’m posting solely related content, and there are probably some things on both here and on my instragram and on my twitter that i wouldn’t want people not close to me to see. so i’m going to play around with this new blog and see what happens. maybe i’ll come back to check up on you guys and to make personal posts that i would only want those close to me seeing. or maybe i won’t need that outlet anymore. whatever the case, those who care to keep up in touch with me outside of this website probably already know how to. if not, feel free to either follow me to my new blog, message me for my number, or both. exciting things are going to happen to my career, and i do hope to have you all along for the ride.

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No better way to wake up on a Saturday morning. #antigravity #yoga @raspberry_sco @steph_matousek

No better way to wake up on a Saturday morning. #antigravity #yoga @raspberry_sco @steph_matousek

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Times Square #yoga. @raspberry_sco

Times Square #yoga. @raspberry_sco

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Got that #antigravity #yoga swag.

Got that #antigravity #yoga swag.

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i love seeing a yoga picture and knowing just by looking at it, before reading the captions or the tags, that it’s ashtanga yoga. i’m hugely a power vinyasa junkie. don’t get me wrong. but being trained by an ashtangi who has practiced in mysore, india leaves you with a soft spot in your heart for the lineage.

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post-graduation meet.

i just met up with my teacher for an hour to talk about the next steps i plan on taking with my career. she was excited to hear everything i had to say and told me my views on them are very realistic. which made me feel tons better. the nerves and self-doubt have been seriously kicking in with all the free time i’ve had. i asked myself, then asked her, if teaching yoga will pay the bills and if i should be looking for another job to keep a roof over my head and put food on the table. because another teacher had recently told me to always keep another job under my belt so that i don’t become bitter over yoga when it fails to bring in enough money. what my teacher did then was remind me, as she always seems to do, that teaching yoga is my dream. and when it may be sometimes stressful and difficult to keep dreams alive, you have to remember that at long as it is still alive, you don’t need much else.

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another time-lapse yoga video! this time, sun salutations a & b in the great outdoors (aka my suburban backyard)

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#yoga #yogaaday #backbendlove @growsoulbeautiful

#yoga #yogaaday #backbendlove @growsoulbeautiful

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Lunch break yoga. @growsoulbeautiful @jrockenjos #yogaaday #yoga #me

Lunch break yoga. @growsoulbeautiful @jrockenjos #yogaaday #yoga #me

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first time’s a charm.

today is a day i will never, ever, ever forget. it marks the first day of my career. i have a career. can you believe that? and it’s one that i love so incredibly much. everything that has happened in the last ten hours reminded me why…

all of my classmates who have already taught their classes have done so on days we are scheduled to meet every week. but because there are more of us than there are class days left in our training, i volunteered to come to the studio on a day off and teach. which means they were in no way obligated to show up today. but all but two classmates who would have came had they not had two huge events going on at that time, were there, anyway. my #1 yoga partner and best friend in the world, one of my oldest friends, another wonderful friend i met through her, came through also. of course my teacher was there, but so was a second lovely teacher from the studio. and my mom, todd, lisa, and her friend, too. sitting down on the mat in front of that class, seeing all of these wiling participants looking back at me, ready to listen to everything i had to say, was so moving for the short ten seconds it was. the love i felt then was tremendous.

though nervous as hell, the next hour we all spent together felt so natural. everything i’ve been dreaming of for the past five years, and all of what has been thrown at me since my training began in january, all the endless hours studying at starbucks and staying up late, started to come together in those moments.

because these particular classes we teach are part of our training, we spend time afterwards discussing it. that day’s teacher shares how they feel, and the students share their feedback. how i said i felt was “okay.” being as nervous as i was made it hard to give the exact class i had hoped to. but i realized soon after leaving the studio that what i really felt underneath the remnants of my nerves was so new and so profound that it would have been impossible to feel all of that right away. with every piece of feedback i received, it became more and more clear. i was hearing that exactly what i hoped to project was exactly what was projected. i was told that my understanding for the true meaning of yoga was understood and shared. and finally, the [vegan] icing on the [vegan] cake and what nearly brought tears to my eyes was when my very own guru compared me to two hugely inspirational woman of yoga. one being the owner of the first studio i ever practiced at and have considered an inspiration ever since, and another being a teacher at one of the ashrams in manhattan. it made me feel like they all took exactly what i was trying to get at and just got it.

i walked outside of my house later that day, before going to treat myself to a congratulatory trip to whole foods, and noticed the sky. that’s not to be translated as “seeing” the sky. i just noticed it. i felt it there above my head, i felt the ground below my bare feet, i felt the june air around me as i walked through it, i felt what it was truly like to be grounded.

so if i were to go back in time to when i was asked how i felt after teaching my first class, i would wait a few seconds to let it sink in, then answer the question with, “alive.”

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i haven’t had enough time or practice to make a class video yet. but i did just have ten minutes to spare before cramming to make this video of me messing around. enjoy :D

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Took my studies outdoors today 😎🌞 #beach #yoga

Took my studies outdoors today 😎🌞 #beach #yoga

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this just in:

it has been discovered that many WWOOF farms allow pets, which means i can still get a cat. a cat that will go farm hopping with me.

man, i have never been this excited to be alive (possibly excluding the weekend of bamboozle 2011) !

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A successful day at Barnes & Noble with the best friend, @raspberry_sco. #yoga #bhagavadgita #johngreen #bookstore

A successful day at Barnes & Noble with the best friend, @raspberry_sco. #yoga #bhagavadgita #johngreen #bookstore

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I’ve been having an awfully difficult time waking up for my alarm clock lately. Which has never been an issue for me, being that I’m such a morning person. I’m almost positive it’s from coming off of my medications (only one week left!) while getting a hang of my new Ayurvedic routine. Actually… I’m VERY positive it is this. Because I’ve been so lax about abiding to the suggestions given to me until this morning. I woke up before the end of the most pure and harmonious time of day, according to Ayurveda, to attend a yoga class with my friend Erin. I was sure to move slowly during my practice, as to not awaken the ego, and to keep my mind fluctuations at rest. Then I cooked myself a grounding lunch, and spent some time being productive outdoors- all things suggested to me to balance my unique imbalances. And let me tell you, I feel lighter, more free, and more energized than anything else has ever made me feel, as far as I can remember.

I had my doubts about returning to all natural healing. But this time I’m doing it mindfully, with the right motives. There were a few times in these past few weeks where I found myself saying, “why can’t I just pop a pill and feel all better instead having to actually do things for myself?” This sounded more and more ridiculous each time. Because then it became obvious that these pills I’ve been relying on only mask the problems; they don’t eliminate them. They don’t force you to look deep within yourself to see what inside of you needs to be freed.

I understand that everybody has their own vices, and that being medicated is what has saved some people’s lives. I respect that and am so glad those people have found something that works for them. But I will leave you with something to either think about or completely ignore…

“The medical enterprise saps the will of people to suffer their own reality. It destroys our ability to cope with our own bodies and heal ourselves… Our hygienic hubris is rooted in our attempt to engineer an escape from suffering. We medicalize the entirety of life.” -Ivan Illich

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