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I had to cancel my plans to attend last night’s yoga party and tomorrow’s class because my legs are still like jello from soul cycle. Tomorrow’s day off is going to consist of sitting, sitting, and more sitting.

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today’s yoga practice was just what i needed to start my new goal of treating myself right again. it was empowering, inspiring, and involved me being able to hold a side crow pose and a headstand for the first time. tomorrow brings the challenge of my first day of soul cycle. i am ready for you, friday.

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weekend sweat and spirit.

going hard for the end of this week since i missed out on the beginning.

ashtanga vinyasa at little yoga house 6pm-7pm

soulcycle in roslyn 4:15pm-5pm
yoga party at revolution yoga 7:45pm-9pm

hatha flow with guided mediation at yoga nanda 3pm-4:30pm

one hour of self practice
buddhist discussion meeting 

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