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Three steps forward.

One. I saw my psychiatrist today. He fully supports my wanting to cut out all of my meds and make the switch to natural healing. A schedule was made that will have me weened off of everything within a month.

Two. The Ayurvedic practitioner just called me back. I have my first appointment with her in one week. I’m confident that she will make this transition as smooth as possible. (I’m so excited!!)

Three. I realize now that the promise I made to myself last month to stay single for a year is a very important one. Even if the pain doesn’t even come close to amounting to what I thought it would be, there is still a lot of healing that must be had. And that will never happen if I keep dancing around the fact. So I’m deleting my Plenty of Fish account and hoping I at least made some good friends from it to start off with when I get down to Florida.

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  1. ohhelloholly said: sending support ;)
  2. stereoforbrains said: I’m currently weaning off of a med I’ve been on for over a decade. Pretty rough. Also, where in Florida?
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