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a change of scenery. →

nothing extreme happened like the last time i made a new tumblr. don’t worry. this is all just to gain a different following. my posting style has changed into something i don’t feel fits into the follow circle that i’m in. as much as i shouldn’t care what people have to say about what i choose to do with my blog, i do care. and that’s that.

if you enjoy what i post, please follow me to third-lotus. just be aware that i’m only going to be following yoga blogs back. and if you don’t, that is totally okay with me. this page won’t be dead anyway. i’ll be popping in here and there to check on you hooligans. throw a hello into my ask once in a while. i’ll miss most of you.

plus, i’ll always be around instagram @natuhtack

please reblog if you wouldn’t mind. i would like word to get around.

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