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fireworksflying asked: Tag you’re it! The rules are to state 5 random facts about yourself. Then go to 10 favorite blogs and tell them they are it!


Oh, I’m honored to finally receive one of these! I’ll try to use things that aren’t obvious.

1) I collect notebooks. Getting new ones make me so happy, even if they stay empty for months. Especially homemade and/or eco-friendly ones.

2) I’m newly pescetarian. One day I’ll be vegetarian, then vegan.

3) my favorite animal is the wildebeest. They truly fascinate me. I think I was one in a past life.

4) my most commonly used nickname is Natty Ice.

5) I haven’t been drunk in a little over three years. All I like to drink is some wine on special occasions or a beer at a sporting event.

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