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I think you should all post videos of yourselves reading a passage from a favorite book or poem.



Yup. That’s what I think.

I would enjoy this immensely.

down with that.

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  1. missmariejay said: I didn’t get this memo until now. Give me a second, I need to find the box labeled books. :))
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  3. suicidecasanova said: I’ll do it!!!
  4. allefory said: Wish I wasn’t so shy. Ugh.
  5. greenvertigo said: How should we tag them?
  6. freddashdog said: I just need to find my copy of “The Sneetches” :)
  7. allisonwunderland said: i could get down with this after my bath.
  8. shawnofanewera said: I might do this. MIGHT. I’ve never posted a video on tumblr and it seems scary, but we’ll see what happens when Sophie takes a nap.
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