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last night, it had felt like my brain was rattling with sounds and thoughts, but i couldn’t put my finger on what the thoughts were and what was making the sound. i felt it, but couldn’t see it. it was overwhelming to the point that all i could think to do was go to bed.

after finally peeling myself out of my bed this morning, the story of my day went from “powering through the remnants of yesterday’s unprovoked depressive mood and get this to-do list over with” to “getting things done because you’ll feel god having them finished and because you haven’t had time to yourself for longer than you remember and you desperately need it.”

it brought me back to the solid chunk of time in my life, maybe three or four years ago, right before i really started to get mentally ill, where i refused to go out on sundays. it was my one day a week dedicated to waking up while it was still socially acceptable to eat breakfast, jammed out to some new music while deep cleaning my room and maybe starting a new organizational task or some reorganizing, ran the important errands, and spent any leftover time until dinner to do something by myself and for myself.

after being reminded of the importance of slowing down once in a while, i was able to see a lot of things more clearly than they’ve been. the most important being that the people in my life and the roles that they play in it have gotten me as close to being out of this mess i’ve made as i am. to alter any of that in such a fragile state would be fixing something that isn’t broken. that’s one mistake i need to stop making, and i say it’s time for me to stop ignoring the signs telling me so.

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he’ll say “are you married?” we’ll say “wow those are pretty invasive questions for a snowman”

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such an interesting collaboration. so glad i stumbled upon it. this rocks.

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sunday morning on #longisland ☀️✌️

sunday morning on #longisland ☀️✌️

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you know that feeling?

everybody has it, but nobody talks about that very first second it happens. the one where you suddenly become nostalgic over people, places, and things that you once thought would always, undoubtedly be around…

"i used to come here all the time with the guy i used to love and the people who used to be a bigger part of my life.”

there’s something about that moment where you catch the conviction in your voice when using the past tense to describe certain things that stings more than the entire idea of it being nothing but a memory anymore.

but that feeling. you know it, right? there should be a name for it.

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Thank you, universe, for the gift of the most beautiful Friday night setup I’ve had in a very long time. 🙏💛😸#catladythings #alwayssunny #blissedout

Thank you, universe, for the gift of the most beautiful Friday night setup I’ve had in a very long time. 🙏💛😸#catladythings #alwayssunny #blissedout

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the thing i’m least in love with in regards to having a cat live in my room (next to the aromatic piss box) is how every now and then during the later hours of the night, he’ll stop what he’s doing to stare at absolutely nothing float around. i’m not sure if i want to know what he sees that i don’t…

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it hasn’t been a fun ride, but it’s definitely been an educational one. the way i see things now are not the same way i saw them then, and it’s overwhelming to have all of these new concepts circulate around my little brain except for when i let them free for a few minutes at a time during a post-bong-rip tangent. especially when the thoughts have been coming in far more frequently than i’ve been used to. on one side, it’s great to have that creative spark back. on the other hand, i’ve forgotten how to let it all out in a way that feels right to me, so i don’t know what to do with it. this post can be considered a start, though, right?

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These Avocado Onion Rings can be baked or fried and are great with any dipping sauce (I like tahini). If frying, just brown both sides in olive oil on medium in a non-stick pan. Cutting them into rings works best if the avocados are firm-ripe. Enjoy!

By Erin Gleeson for The Forest Feast

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